Natura Siberica Volumizing and Balancing Shampoo for Oily Hair 400ml


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Volumizing and Balancing

An exhilarating shampoo full of natural ingredients, specially formulated for oily hair to give your hair lift and leave it with lush, full naturally flowing volume. .

Rich in amino acids, Siberian Dwarf Pine carefully and deeply cleanses the scalp, strengthens and repairs damaged hair, and protects from environmental damage.
Arctic Raspberry is several times richer in vitamin C than ordinary raspberry. It provides an astringent and invigorating effect while restoring the natural balance of the scalp.

  • Organic Herb Extracts: Pinus Pumila, Arctic Raspberry Seeds, oak, nettle, chamomile, mylnyanki, mountain ash, ekstakt thistle, elecampane, Altay sea buckthorn
  • NO silicones, mineral oils, parabens, BHT-BHA, PEG, EDTA
  • Made in Russia